mountain board E-scoot from Alien drive

im not sure what category my E-scoot goes under…but here’s a rough video…of its first outing…a lot of setting up to do to perfect it…but its super tough…:slight_smile:

That’s a really nice build - these things are fast !!!

how heavy is one of them ready to ride ?

ps: check also “skate en carbone” of Gravier, he’s a true carbon wizard !

the one im riding is 8Kg and my sons is 6KG…
i need a carbon body and it would save another 1/2KG i think… ill check him out…

:stuck_out_tongue: Sooo Perfect ! I want try one now :twisted:
if I work again in Paris it would be perfect !!!

some park fun!!

awesome ! have you seen the guys from Adapt ?

oh- yeah…hes got 3 of my kits and i helped them on a few design ideas…
they look pretty good …i assume you’ve seen the latest vid from them? … age_bubble

Hooooooooooo sh!!!t !!!
C’est foouuu … je suis tombé directement amoureux du concept :-o :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:
Je veux la même !!!

je trouve ça beaucoup trop beau ! … merde $$$ :crazy:

Le look est dingue, mais en pratique quel avantage des trucks et 4 roues vs roue normale ?
Mais je crois qu’à rider je préfèrerais quand même avec les big wheels de mountainboard …

yep- they are kind of different style really …i think the pneumatic wheels will ride far nicer than a longboard wheel but the range will be far better on the skate wheel…

hum … a dirt one will be perfect for me … maybe one day ! :slight_smile:

hum … a dirt one will be perfect for me … maybe one day a new project with both combinaison :lol:

Mouai … Ca ressemble quand même à rien :slight_smile:

Après le gout et les couleurs … :roll:
c’est le concept et pour ma part l’esthétique je l’ai trouvé fou !!! (après je parle pas d’en pratique… surtout est ce qu’il y a un réel intérêt je suis pas sur non plus. trucks+guidon…)

back to topic…lol

its had a make over with 9" tires and nice anodised frame…:slight_smile:

I am considering having a few bodies made to order ( i might do a pre-order ) but im not sure on what people think of them…
…and im also working on a slightly slimmer/smaller /lighter body size…with 8" wheels or even the 6" skike wheels ,8S battery and 5065 motor …should drop the weight by over 2KG and make it look less electric,.and maybe grind able bottom…@:slight_smile:

Nice!!! What is the battery and autonomy?

12s 8000mah …around 10miles in hilly area and 80kg rider…much more on flat ground…:slight_smile:

:mrgreen: sorry …

looks good 2 kind of e-scooter :wink:
Now 6374 Alien is 12S capable ??! cool !

well…bruno says its really 10S max on 6374 but 12s seems to work fine…if anything its the ESC that has the problem of current limitation