Wii Nunchuk as a remote HELP


Unfortunately my French isn’t that great, so I will stick to English…
I tried to contact the international ESK8 Forum, but unfortunately I didn’t get a respond on my question. So I ask here. since I have gotten so many great responses last time on this forum.

I want to build an electric Longboard, I ordered most of the electronics at HobbyKing and I am waiting for the parts to arrive. Meanwhile I am thinking about the remote control, I don’t want to use one of the clunky big RC Remotes, because I think they are way to big and heavy. I searched around and found the possibility to use a Wii Nunchuk. That’s hat I like to use, they are ergonomic, small and easy to use and I am very keen on using the two buttons (C,Z).

My question is, how can I reprogram the Nunchuk, how can I make it wireless, is there a premed PCB, which I can program myself and stick into the Wii Nunchuk?

Thanks for the great help

Greetings from Switzerland

hey Sean, get in touch with jacob - he may be able to provide you with a specific PCB to replace your nunchuck pcb.

beware of the signal drop/loss that can be dangerous. I would highly recommend you to get a custom GT2B or some of these tiny remotes that you can keep in your pocket. These are reliable, using 2.4 and I had no issues or whatsoever since I have been using them (in urban traffic)

Tu l utilise plus ton nunchuk okp ?

Non gt2b

la mini maintenant ? ou ta custom OKP remote ??
(j’aurais un question d’ailleurs, je vais me reporter au bon post :wink: )