Nouvelle remote flipsky ?

pas trop d’infos pour le moment
source chez ESB:
https://www.electric-skateboard.builder … esk8/64589

ils disent quoi les ambassadeurs ? :mrgreen:

une copie de la R2 Evolve ?

Hello, you guys. Yes, we will have our new remote launched at the end of September. I want to post some pictures, but I still don’t know how to post them in this forum…

Hello Iris,

Just past your picture link (url) between the balise of the "insert picture logo on the toolbar :arrow: [ img] yourlinkhere [/img]

Good if you got other visual to share, don’t hesitate, we love picture too !!

Hi, thank you. But what if the photos are not a link but a “jpg”?

Then, you have to host them on a server that provide an URL.
This site may do it :

Upload then select « BBCode full linked ».
Copy and paste here (and remove « [ url] blabla [ /url] »)
Ensure you that the picture is 800x600 or below otherwise, it will be display too wide.

Delete what? These links?
I find it really tough to post pictures photos here… :cry:

Oh, I succeeded! Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of PHPBB forums.

Dear Mr. Flipsky, I hope you’ll keep this remote for your personal use and won’t sell it.
This design is licenced under Creative Commons - Attribution - Non Commercial.

je me fais un café j’attends la réponse :slight_smile:

ah ben oui la ca le fait moyen, c’est justement celle que je voulais me faire…

Merci Clem pour ce retours :wink: C’est vrai que ça fait un moment que je la suis sur ESKB celle-ci.

Hum c’est la solidgeek ca!

Morning, everyone.
Nono, I post those pictures only to give you guys an opinion of what functions can be seen from our future remote.
Our remote is like this:

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We’re still adjusting it’s appearance and thinking to move the oled screen to a different place.


Nice to see that you designed your own remote !
Sorry if my comment sounds a bit rough, but we saw many copies of open source project that ended up by pushing their owner leaving it.
Back to your remote now.
What do you foresee as RF technology/protocol ?

It’s ok, I didn’t express clear enough before.
Sorry, I don’t have other info about the remote so far. But I will keep you updated when I get some.

Soyez donc un peu patient, la sortie est prévue pour la fin du mois de septembre, normalement.