New York/New Jersey esk8 nerd - looking to ride in Paris

Hi everyone!

I’m Brent, a digital adverting professional and I’m looking to find some people to ride with in Paris while I’m there! I will be in Paris from 8/30 - 9/9 with my girlfriend. I’ll mainly be available from 8/31 - 9/4. It would be amazing to see Paris on an eboard, please let me know if anyone is willing to show me around and let me borrow a spare eboard. I am not brining mine since all of my batteries are too big.

-Age: 29
-weight: 180lbs
location: New Jersey/NYC - USA
Use: commuting and fun
Coating: Road only haven’t done any proper off-roading
Vmax: 36mph

My boards!

the DIY’s:

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welcome mate ! we’ll meet for sure !!! sick boards.

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Nice Lacroix you have there! Paris is a great city, I hope you can find a board because there are some great ride path along the river.

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Hey Brently ! Yes it would be a pleasure to meet for a ride if you want ! Just contact me on instagram (@lancelot.drone) when you arrive in Paris :slight_smile:

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Sure, could be a Nice ride…
Nice boards

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Added you! looking forward to coming to Paris!

Do you have any extra boards I can rent or borrow for a ride?

I’m a careful rider - I would be sure to treat any board that was lent to me with care!

I’ll probably have one to share mate. @ridewithokp on insta or PM here.

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thank you! Added you on IG as well - I’ll hit you guys up when I’m in town!

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