CLOS - Bruno's Alien Board Hyper EV 10S 8AH DUAL DIAG 90MM - ADS

Sell of the original and very first HYPER EV ever built by Richard… but he now have 6 electric boards and he cannot ride them all…
So he is selling to fund a couple of future projects…
The specs
Skate hardware-
Deck- Eastside bomber 37"
Trucks- Purple Caliber fifty
Wheels- 90mm Abec Flywheels(only just run in really)
Power train
APS Dual 150 A ESC
2x 6374 3KW APS motors
10s 8000mah Lipo (2x 5S packs)
Custom AD hand control with lipo and charging port
Custom Remote controlled LED’s with Twin front spots lights rear single red with under board strips
Inbuilt Watt meter
APS power switch
Integrates 10S charging port- ( you will need a 10S charger)
Drive System
Dual Diagonal AD precision truck mounts and motor plates
Dual Abec drive hub adaptors -32T x 15T
Top speed-estimate- 45mph +…(I have tested with GPS to 42mph and that’s as far as my courage went…)
Range- 20-30 miles (depending on throttle control)
Acceleration- Relentless!!!
This really is the fastest board i have ever built (and i’ve built a lot…lol) and the power is simply breathtaking…i would love this to go to some one with more ability than me how can get the true speed out of it… but its also very smooth to ride and at 1/3 throttle will go on for ever…
The board works perfectly and if im being honest the deck is a little tired…but everything else works fine and its not really had that many miles on it…so the wheels are hardly worn
I’m looking for around £800 and there’s well over £1200 and many 100’s of hours in the build…
Charger is not included so you will need a 10S or 5S charger
Shipping will be extra - and i would prefer a UK buyer but i can send international but it may not be that cheap
I will of course provide spare belts and a spare set of ABS covers (i can also include a longer thinner type battery cover)

Please PM (facebook) for any more details or to make an offer

BO :lol: OM

j’ai mis des news photos!


SOLD now!!- thanks


Already sold it?


SOLD now!!- thanks