Bonjour de Portugal!! :D

Bonjour tout le monde!

Mon nom est Zico (effectivement Jose Torre, mais personne ne me qui appelle!).
Je suis de Viana do Castelo, au Portugal, et décidé de me inscrire ici après avoir lu des articles que Cédric a écrit sur le blog, et il m’a suggéré le forum!

Je ne skateboard électrique, mais je tiens à en construire un, je l’espère compter sur votre aide pour cela!

Je ai un Carver “surfskate”, et un petit Globe Bantham ST.
Je adore marcher sur les deux !!

Je suis une personne très DIY, donnez-moi bien avec l’électronique et la programmation, le soudage, je dois une imprimante 3D et de bonnes mains pour travailler! =)

Mon dernier projet DIY était un drone de hexarotor pesant 4 kg.

Moi et mon partenaire aime voyager dans notre VW de camping et un skateboard électrique serait merveilleux pour nos voyages! Nous aimons voyager par la France, notre dernier “roadtrip” est passé par Biarritz, Capbreton, Lanmary, Rillet, Rouan, Honfleur, Etretat, Boulogne-sur-mer (où nous avons de la famille), entre autres beaux sites!

Je laisse quelques photos de nous! Vous pouvez me trouver sur Facebook à

Je suis désolé si les Français ont tort, mais je devais utiliser google translate !! =)
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welcome mate ! this place is yours. awesome picts. We’ll help you to make a nice and tidy build that you will have lots of fun with. Beautiful California van, I had one when I was in the south of France; good old kiteboarding days.

you can start by browsing the forum. In this section, you will find lots of builds for your review.

Hi Zico ! bem-vindo !!
você pode contar conosco :wink:
Well, so you prefer ride a short board ? You’re luky OKP is making a new build on a 33" :slight_smile:
Now you could have a motor mount for super carving truck : Gullwing Sidewinder

Maybe a single motor could be enought for your “mobility” use.
What’s your expectations ? Speed ? Km ?
:wink: Good ride !


Thank you OKP & Riako!
English is easier for me, so thanks!

The shorter the board the least space it will occupy in the van. My Carver is 31.75" long, so 33" should be OK, I don’t mind going longer if it is necessary to fit all the components or if it is more stable, but I would like some agility.

I was thinking DUAL REAR motors, top speed around 40~45km/h, range around 25~35km or more, if possible, and some power to go up hills.
Don’t quite know where to begin, I’ve read the FAQ and “l’indispensables” threads, I liked the enertion stuff OKP used on his Loaded Vanguard, that skate looks very nice! Don’t even know where to start looking for decks!
Wheels and trucks seem easy to get, I could buy the propulsion parts from enertion maybe?
Then I need the deck, batery, VESC’s and remote controller?

That super carve truck looks very good, kind of like the one on the carver.

Any help or suggestions on decks or anything else are very welcome! :smiley:

yes, exactly.

You should get :

  • Mounts from DIYSkateboards or AlienDrive Systems; both are awesome
  • Motors from Enertion (the 6355 is dope, but you can still go one motor 63mm)
  • Lipo batteries from Hobbyking (go for 12S by stacking four 3S 5AH in series)
  • Cables, XT60 connectors from Hobbyking too (they are cheap there)
  • VESC (from ESK8.DE or from Ollin)
  • Deck : it’s a personal choice, depends on the flex you want to have into (even though you can had carbon fiber or fiberglass sheets later with epoxy). Rayne board are nice, I like loaded Tesseract (I got the twin shape as well as the truncated which is 33 and really really awesome). Don’t hesitate we will give you recommendations, but at the end it’s your choice
  • trucks : Caliber are a good choice, you can also get Paris truck if you like a more turny feeling
  • remote controller : GT2B or nunchuck PCB (it’s going to be released soon)

and you are ready to go :smiley:


The tesseract looks nice - the regular one is 39", the truncated is 33" and the cantellated is 36".
The cantellated feels like a good compromise, what do you think? Could the 33" truncated be better?
What’s the best place to buy the loaded decks from? Any place in the EU?
Is 5Ah enough for 40km range?

Should I open a thread in “Vos réalisations et futurs projets” for this build?

Thanks again! Feeling very welcome! :smiley:

yes! please open one topic for your build.

5AH is not enough for 40km range even on 12S… but you can easily switch pack to get like 60km range

truncated has no tail, if you like wheelings/manuals cantellated is better. You got time to choose the deck, first thing is to list electronics :smiley:

It’s gonna be a good project ! Hurry to follow that :slight_smile:

It’s gonna be a good project ! Hurry to follow that :slight_smile:

I sure hope so!
Tomorrow morning I’ll organize my thoughts and start a new topic for it, so I can start listing all the gear, find best places to order, and start ordering stuff!
It’s gonna be epic! :twisted: :lol:

that’s what I am talking about !!! :smiley:

My build topic is OPEN and rolling!
You can follow it “StingRay - Urskog Krona | Caliber | R-SPEC DUAL REAR | 12S 5Ah | Dual VESC”!!
:smiley: :smiley:

welcome :slight_smile: