Where is Brian?


Some of you might have seen me on one of the rides.
My Name is Brian, im 34 years old and im from the Netherlands.
I got a Meepo KT board, and started this hobby in 2017 september.
My other passion is Martial arts, Im a jiu jitsu teacher in the netherlands and got a dojo over there.
Im currently training BJJ and Kyokushin karate in Paris.

I am really looking forward to meet you guys, and ride with you on the group rides.

Cheers, Stay safe and ride hard!


Welcome mate ! make yourself home !

Welcome !

Salut and Welcome !
Check this category : http://e-sk8.fr/forum/viewforum.php?f=9
Here are the guys organizing ride sessions.

Hi Brian ! Welcome here.

It was nice to see you again yesterday !

Thank you all for the warm welcome! See you on your boards soon!

Bolt Thrower? as in \m/ Bolt Thrower \m/ ? I’m a big fan… This is the soundtrack of my long coding nights!

Bienvenue Brian !
Enjoy & good ride :wink: