Ca semble prometteur, du moins sur la compacité:
Thank you everyone for inviting me to this forum, and thanks for all the positive comments! Sorry for taking so long to reply to this thread, school has been very busy for the last month.

First, a bit about me: I’m a student at MIT and I enjoy designing and building electromechanical systems. I was originally developing an ESC and BMS just for my own skateboard, to build a skateboard with fully custom parts. Over the last year, however, they became more independent projects. Since there seems to be quite a bit of interest in them in the DIY community, I am interested in developing and releasing them to the DIY community for others to use. This will take some more development to make them work with different system requirements; I have a rough timeline below.

Here’s a small preview of the two boards, the ESC (“Infinity”) and the BMS (“Battman”). They’re still under development, so some of these specifications may change as I do more testing and iterating.

Infinity ESC
Development progress: http://raphaelchang.com/projects/brushless-esc/11
GitHub: https://github.com/raphaelchang/infinity-hardware5 (PCB), https://github.com/raphaelchang/infinity-firmware (Firmware)

esc_v4.2_preview.PNG801x798 153 KBesc_v4.1_lights.jpg3264x2448 1.23 MB

8V-50V operating voltage (3S-12S LiPo)
80A continuous, 100A peak (may change with more testing)
Sensored and sensorless (in development) field-oriented control
DirectFET MOSFETs for better heat dissipation
Discrete 3A MOSFET drivers with 100V tolerance (no DRV)
3 discrete current amplifiers for improved current measurement
Separate gate drive and logic level buck converters for reliability
CAN, UART, I2C, SPI, PPM, USB for communication (Nunchuk, NRF, etc.)
STM32F4 with bootloader buttons for programming without ST-Link
Node.js web application for cross platform GUI configuration
Bulk capacitor mounted to PCB
2"x1.5" PCB size
Battman BMS
Development progress: http://raphaelchang.com/projects/bms/12
GitHub: https://github.com/raphaelchang/battman-hardware9 (PCB), https://github.com/raphaelchang/battman-firmware5 (Firmware)

bms_v4.1_preview.PNG1423x626 292 KB

Supports 4 to 12 cell LiPo and LiFePo4 battery packs
120A continuous, 150A peak discharge current (may change)
Cell voltage monitoring and ~100mA balancing with LTC6803 IC
Bidirectional current monitoring with overcurrent protection and SOC tracking (planned)
Boost converter circuit with adjustable voltage for CC/CV charging at ~3A
Pre-discharge circuit to limit inrush current
External push button (momentary) switch to turn on BMS and rest of system
Complete shutdown to preserve battery when not in use
STM32F3 with UART, I2C, CAN communication and WS2812 LED support
GUI for configuration
Optional CAN communication with Infinity ESC for smarter protection (planned)
3.5"x1" PCB size
As these are personal projects, I have to balance the time I spend on them with schoolwork and other things, so it will take a while before they’re ready for use. Still, I’m spending quite a bit of time on them, as well as working with a few friends to develop various aspects in parallel. I’m estimating a few more months of development, so early 2017 is what I am aiming for right now. Infinity is a little further along than Battman, so it might be ready first.

Any questions and comments are appreciated, and I’ll definitely post more details and any important updates here. Stay tuned!

http://www.electric-skateboard.builders … esc/8952/3

Je suis ce sujet depuis un moment, en effet, les possibilités sont géniales.
Seul hic, coût de revient d’environ 150€ le BMS…