Hummie hub motors kickstarter

bonjour! please help us get to the goal. you win too!

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Good luck for your crowdfunding

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@hummie Hey Hummie, can you tell me what is motor max amp et what kind of battery you need for a AWD build? 12S how many P? A 80A BMS may be too weak to give enough amp no?

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hi. I haven’t been back here.

@DavidC id get lipo and then you don’t have to think about hit much and plug it together. I only ever do maybe 60 amps peak for two.motors.

the indigogo is no longer but doing a group buy for these again. ship motors or decks to france. 20 thousand will be in the kickstarter soon soon so only read need a couple more people.

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Hi Hummie, have you an idea of custom fees regarding hubs?

Another question, if you order both hubs and deck, do you pay shipment twice?