Hi from the Uk

I am Richard -AKA Beetbocks… i love anything with wheel and motors…but i hate the British weather…
i also run Alien Drive systems in my spare time…:slight_smile: which keeps me busy!!

welcome Richard - Enjoy the forum as much as we are enjoying your mounts :smiley:

Hi richard
Great to have you around.
I am the froggie who ordered you two new mounts just a couple of weeks ago !!

by the way, congrats on your new mounts. The fit is really strong on the truck. Way better than the v1. Adapters open a world of hanger to mount on :smiley:

Hi Richard ! Wellcome !! Happy to see there !!!

I like your dirt scoot :smiley: seems really funny :twisted:

And I will need your new mount too :roll: ! :lol: !!!

Hi Richard!!

So we’ll be doing business soon! Just getting started on my first e-skate project with the help of this fine community!
Hope I can count on your help as well!

Cheers! Happy NY!

Welcome Richard ! :slight_smile:

cheers guys… i look forward to seeing some awesome builds…!! batch of brackets will be arriving in the new year…hopefully in the first week…
yes the dirt scooter is just out of control…lol…its so fast. i need to gear it down…

Welcome Richard, glad to see you here.

Happy that you took my advice on endless sphere about the space for wires on your motormount, wish it help you providing an awesome product.

hi Vulthor… that was great advice thanks… my customers know best…)