Hello from Toronto


Just starting on longboard riding, and wanted to get as much information as possible before I tackle my first build, saw this forum from other forums, and wanted to see what information I could find here :slight_smile:

Hoping to have my build ready by summer next year to ride after the cold cold winter.

Hi there,
Welcome !!
Riding a longboard in the Canadian winter would indeed be an interesting challenge :slight_smile:)
Easier slides at least …

Thanks for the approval.

Hah yeah, and more broken bones.

I really new to the whole scene, I did see some offroad/winter wheels would be fun to try.

hey! welcome here ! don’t hesitate any question should you have :smiley:

Bienvenido Badidea! So whats ur bad concept for the build ?! :wink:
(With my girlfriend we project to come to leave in Canada… Who knows, maybe we could ride this summer)

Welcome :wink: