Custom Carbon Fiber Board

Hi E-Sk8 France,

I been working on a new carbon fiber deck. Sorry, I only speak English and not French but amazing builds on here. Very talented builds. Not sure if this is the right area too but put it in here.

Please tell me what you think. Would care to hear your opinions and suggestions.

I am more thinking of the board on the right side. The board is 39.5" and 9.75" width.

I’ve also redesigned my current bolt on to be with M6 bolts… However, in the process of re-designing a complete carbon fiber board I decided to build from the ground up. I realize for the motor mounts that I never planned on using a belt cover, motor pulley cover or any motor protective plate. In the end, for myself they just add to more complication, more weight, more cost. Very simple and easy to build is a better option. Here is picture of the dual rear with 12mm pulleys.

Here is a photo of the top of the deck with the battery pack. It’s a 10S3P pack. I may change to 12S3P but it tends to run bigger but I think 10S is ok since it’s cheaper, flatter and not as long.

For the height of the deck, I wanted a drop through so it’s real low to the ground.

Personally, I also want a mini deck… This one is 30" long.

Mini - Style 1

Mini - Style 2 (Jet Board)

What do you guy’s think?

The idea for the build is 10S3P, Dual VESC, 6355 230KV (I like the faster motors, they go 20-25% inclines much easier), 12mm belt setup.

I’ll try to visit more. Thank goodness for Google Translate :slight_smile: It’s not too bad but I can piece it together. :mrgreen:

Hi !
Thank you consult the forum !
It’s really cool to share with us your future project.
On our forum many people like the truncated tesseract. (can be a track for you)
From my point of view I like yours short board, mostly the Style 1 and 2 mini but it would be nice to choose 10S or 12S.
What method do you use to manufacture boards ?
I’m so interresting by your project !

great dexter ! the jet spud composite is just an awesome idea : portable, light, manœuvrable and surely ultra fun. You will be running dual 245kv on 12S ?

I find on board is 39.5" and 9.75" width
what would be the dimensions of the bin for batteries and electronics ?

Hey torqueboard,
Drop thru is useless on a e-sk8. You will got less leverage on trucks.
And what about concave spec ?
Anyway, it’s cool to hide battery in the deck but it deserve hubmotors to have a really clean design.

nice deck! I prefere the board on the right side
good idea about the M6: :wink:

Do you prepare vesc ?

@LEM - Yeah, great forum. You guys can always talk in French. Google Translate works decently :slight_smile: Perhaps other people may not speak in English as often.

Yeah, so there’s

Style 0 - Actually, the 39.5" x 9.75" drop through.

Style 1 - Mini 30" is suppose to look like the Mini reaper.

Style 2 - Mini 30" but with the Jet Board look.

Actual manufacturing is done in a Carbon Fiber factory.

@OKP - I’ll be running either a single 6374 230kv perhaps single 6355 230kv might be enough. The dual 63mm definitely adds to the weight and makes it an over 10+ lb board. I think with a single will be much lighter and I can actually strap it on a backpack without arching my back.

@paufred64 - The bin or enclosure is about 22" x 6.5" inside dimensions with 28mm height.

@Basse-conso - With the proper bushings and trucks I think you still get an awesome ride. With the wheel almost clearing it shouold be fine.

I setup a recent Arbor Axis Bamboo on a 10S flat pack, surfrodz TKP. … plete-2012. The deck is relatively flat but the ride is pretty nice. Lower to the ground and nice carving. I didn’t find any issues with less leverage on trucks. Actually, I think on my regular deck it doesn’t even lean as much.

@Goldekiller - Yeah, M6 seems like a better idea. Unfortunately, I’ll end up making a new mount soon but it will be cheaper in price which is good but also more durable.

Were you able to get that bolt out? I can send you a replacement.

Yes, we will be having VESC options.

I was curious if there are custom taxes for products sent from London to Paris. I’m planning on a fulfillment center on that side which would make it much easier for people whom are not in the USA.

No problem dexter, an inox bolt on ebay for 20cts! But thanks!
Normaly, there is no custom taxes between london and paris (EU).
I am interested in your VESC options…

thank you for the quick response
no fee between England and France
it’d be great to order your product from England

it’d be great to order your product from England
hoooooo yes !!! :smiley:

Hi Dexter ! Thanks for your work !!
Do you think the drop troughgt could carve easily as a top mount ?
Its more for speed ?

Best regards,
Riako :wink:

Jason ??

it’d be great to order your product from England
hoooooo yes !!! :smiley:

Hi Jason ! Thanks for your work !!
Do you think the drop troughgt could carve easily as a top mount ?
Its more for speed ?

Best regards,
Riako :wink:

He is Dexter :slight_smile:

haha oops sorry !!.. :lol: c’est bien ce a quoi je pensais surtout qu’il y a le logo … mais j’ai eu la tête ailleurs en tapant

hoops :smiley: sorry misundertood …

Haha… Actually, I think this style deck has ultimate carving compared to a top mount kicktail. You can always ride w/ the truck base still on the bottom versus having to use the drop through. It’s just another option.

I’ve been riding a similar regular wooden board with SurfRodz Hex TKP Trucks 177mm hanger +70mm Axles…

You can lean as far as you want without the board tipping over which means ultimate carving…

Trucks are pricey but well worth it. You can also do the bundle deals.

SurfRodz Hex TKP - … m-kit.html
Bundle Deals -

Cool thing is with this deck. I also plan on having an MBS bolt on which should make it more fun too.

Are the SurfRodz trucks really included with the Wefunk board for $125-155 ???

@Lokean - Yeah, the SurfRodz is cheap w/ the bulk kit.

Here’s a few new photos of what I’m thinking about…

I plan on making a wider truck as well. Looking at perhaps 200mm with extended axles.
15mm pulleys/belts. Dual Rear 6355. Pulleys will sit on a bearing.

It will be pretty low to the ground about 3.90" from the ground on 90mm wheels.

yes!! 200 or more to have the choice between skate wheels or mtb