ALIEN DRIVE Ltd- Beercan special board for sale- UK

To make some space in my cramped workshop im selling a couple of my previous builds…

The first is my Beercan Special… build thread-“ … 35&t=68018

This is one of my favorite boards if i’m honest and is a really nice and easy ride… its got a great foot platform and nice flex for a alloy deck
Spec is as follows

-Beercan Oats Soda 36" DTP Alloy Deck -(£110)
-195 Black Paris Trucks- (£65)
-5" Pneumatic wheels (£49.99)
-120A single micro ESC (£60)
-Power switch (£45)
-5065 APS motor 2.2KW (£45)
-Urban 5 Drive kit in Black (£120)
-Remote controlled LED lighting -including Front 9w dual spots,purple under board- all turned on by the handset (pretty cool!!). (approx £40)
-Bespoke transmitter (£30)
-modular enclosure fitment- using the under rail of the deck.(£50)
-10,000mah 7S lipo battery (£110)

Total-£730 for parts alone

I have just fitted a brand new 10,000mah 7S battery (£100) which can be easily charged with a standard XT plug and balance cable…
I will also include 4x new tires and 4x inner tubes as spares and a spare belt
Its good for over 26mph with good acceleration and with the new larger battery i would say around 10-15 mile depending on rider weight and terrain of course…

It is NOT supplied with a charger but an 8S charger can be bought from Hobbyking for £30… … ories.html

I am looking for £400
Shipping will be around £25… to EU

The build thread contains photos and video of the board and here is the board now- with the larger battery pack .(and added dirt…:slight_smile:

Crazy !!! This looks perfect ! I will take a look of it to my GF … :slight_smile:


In dollars how much?