A Belgian who doesn't speak french !

Hello, from Belgium, I’m flemish and don’t speak french ! Don’t shoot me :stuck_out_tongue:

I came here to read about Enertion testimonials and Starry previews etc…

I’m close to buying the raptor dual, but decisions, decisions…

Hey, Welcome here :smiley:

Go DIY !

hi Seb ! Wellcome here & good read so :wink:

Welcome Sebastiaan !

Have a good time on this blog

Google translate to the rescue :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, i’ve just checked and it would be impossible to get the enertion deck here without the custom’s big tax…
I will never get an eboard this way, i was so stoked for that one…

yes, but the one you will build yourself with our support will be 100000 times better and you’ll be proud of that. Believe me, it’s easy.

Well, i just want one to ride now :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe i will make my custom board later, i still don’t have enough knowledge so i’m lurking around this forum armed with google translate, i’m also at http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/ and endless sphere.

I’ve found one in the buy/sell forum, Riako, i sent you a pm :wink:

Also thanks for all the welcome !

Did i said i love the frontpage, the movie’s and information/review’s are amazing !

thanks a lot for the feedback ! The Dual Diagonal is sold by Richard who is the ADS owner, I sent him an email notification so he can get in touch with you ASAP. This is a solid board by a trusted seller of the e-sk8 world - you just can’t go wrong !

Thanks for that okp, on his topic he told potential buyers to contact him on facebook :slight_smile: There is no link however,

I already have a few idea’s for making my unique longboard in the near future, i have acces to a huge cnc woodworking machine at work since i’m the main cnc tech guy over there, so expect some neat longboard designs :slight_smile: If my boss allows it :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe i will already draw out some designs, and if the trade with Richard/Riako is succesfull i will port all the mech and electronics to it.

Greetz !

here it goes : his website and his Facebook