True Color LED integration on your electronic longboard !

As you now, I am a big fan of true color LED on my electric longboard, not only for the tuning look but also because when you onboard true color LED banners which could be programmed with an Arduino… it is just sleek and awesome. Cruising in the evening in Paris with the board illuminated is a journey by itself. At the end, it is a way of making your own customization but keeping things smart and beautiful.

I already posted an article about LEDs months ago, but as I am rebuilding my last setup… I have now fully integrated these LEDs within the board and reinforced the areas with carbon fiber.

The areas are clear, reinforced and epoxy is drying !IMG_3005


12 hours later, you spread some Pattex flexible neoprene glue


As soon as the glue starts to stick, you have to install the LED banner. When you look on the side of the deck, it’s almost invisible !

IMG_3017 IMG_3018

Result is quite impressive and pleasant.
IMG_3044Hope you enjoy my articles, as usual don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe.

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