What about a stunning DIY electronic long boarding enclosure ?

I assume, as a fan reader of my blog, you already know the basics to make your own battery enclosure. I take this opportunity to share with you my ESC and electronics enclosure. I did this quickly while waiting for my two upcoming VESC. But I wanted to ride, so here is what I did. Hope you like it.

I added pieces of wood to support the electronics when the board will be reverted.IMG_2891

That’s sleek isn’t it ? really thin if you compare to a 6S lipo (in the center).

Add the electronics, cut the cables at the adequate length. Isolate as required an also add the power switch, sand the box.

IMG_2899 IMG_2902

Remove the electronics and sand the box. Prepare it for paint.IMG_2914

Apply a nice plastidip paint.
IMG_2926Add the electronics back and you can now be proud of your result !


Enjoy !