Dig your board for a flat and stealth electronic longboard !

We are all ultimately searching to make the perfect board. Here’s my give on this. I decided to dig 7mm deep into my deck. With adequate enclosures, this will make an ultra stealth, pleasant to the eye looking electronic longboard.

My board is ultra powerful, 12S High voltage with 5AH battery packs made of four 3S packs in series. 40km coverage with huge torque in dual diagonal. Top speed not evaluated, I was around 50km/h at mid throttle. Well, the board is not the limit.

Pretty easy to do, just reinforce the deck (I had kevlar/aramide around), but you can use carbon fiber. You may also consider reinforcing your top sheet with a carbon fiber. This will give you a aggressive board with a nice « snap » when carving that will be beyond your expectations.

Here is the result when riding. You barely have 2cm of enclosures below your board !!!!


One of the first step is to find the area… Put your battery pack and draw a line around it.


Use the force ! A cheap mac allister machine.IMG_2790

Start digging !IMG_2789Almost done. My Fibertech board is really rock solid. It already have two sheets of fiberglass for the design.

This is not to be perfect, you will be able to sand it afterwards.


Done.IMG_2793 IMG_2794

Apply carbon or aramid fiber. We have remove more than 25x15cm by 7mm of wood here. Reinforcing the deck is a good idea.


Just apply epoxy resin as needed to fix the aramid on the deck.IMG_2796

You can now put back the battery pack.

You can also now dig 6mm holes around the hole to fix the enclosure. The picture blow is the area of my electronics.IMG_2892

Back to the battery area, to make sure the packs are stuck to the deck I added two little pieces of wood with velcro. The pieces of wood are epoxied to the deck.
You’re done. Hope you like this post and my blog. Subscribe and share.

Ride safe.