Choose your BELT and Ride Safe !

Belt choice is key in electric long boarding. Some of you may have been provided with stock belts when you have ordered your electric longboard mechanical part. By default, pieces provided are high quality (contitech) but you may want to change or get some spares if you go in holidays. I am actually running a dual diagonal on 12S high voltage… and my belts are still in perfect shape. Nevertheless, some friends have their belt destroyed probably for some of the following reasons:

  • belt too tight : not good for motor performance,
  • belt too loose : not good, you may destroy belt teeth when accelerating due to the torque,
  • belt not centered in the motor pulley : not good, this may damage your motor because the shaft is not forcing adequately.

My current belts are still in good shape, take your time to have the belts/pulleys perfectly aligned – forward or reverse.


Well, you may want a new belt, here is my recommendation : Gates POWERGRIP GT3 (265 / 5MGT). High quality and cheap – Made in UK. Quick shipping in Europe. You can’t go wrong. I have also ordered some Megadyne belts to try but after a visual comparison, you can immediately see the difference: MGT are strong!

IMG_2992 IMG_2991Hope you like this quick article. Don’t forget to check regularly your belt tension and do maintenance on your electric longboard, always apply loctite (232) to your screws. If you like my blog, share and subscribe.

Wear helmets and ride safe.