Endless Sphere – Bandaro’s Thumb GT2E Transmitter DIY

I will post a more detail feedback and my riding impression tomorrow later in the day. Just want to share with you bandaro’s from Endless Sphere forum, great DIY enclosure for GT2E transmitter. At this time only cons is the weight (AA may be replaced with Lipo) and a bit « bulky ». Otherwise it is really promising. Thanks a lot for sharing the 3D files with me. It was printed with 3D Hubs in low quality and then epoxied. If we get rid of the control panel and the AA… that could be my favorite remote.

Additionally and If you own a GT2E or GT2B, don’t forget to check your fail safe behavior. You may have surprises. It’s quite easy : power up TX and RX. Set your throttle to neutral position (which is normally the one you have without touching your throttle) and push the fail safe button on your RX. It will blink. Now you can turn of the TX and see what happens. If you lose signal for what ever reason, your board will slowly come back to neutral throttle which is 0 but no brakes engaged 🙂

IMG_2702IMG_2704 IMG_2703
IMG_2711 IMG_2712

in comparison my existing remote is lighter… but more formal/conventional look. Can’t wait to see how the thumb throttle works.IMG_2713Enjoy ! Subscribe to this blog is you like it. All credits of course, reserved to bandaro.