Sector 9 wheels 76mm 78A on Evolve Carbon Street Review

I got my hands on a set of hype : Sector 9 wheels in 76mm with 78A durometer. I am riding for about one year an Evolve Carbon street electric longboard with the stock – state of the art, beautiful- Orangatang Kegel 80mm/80A (the orange ones). I am getting used to this combo, and have to admit that this is a pretty solid stock setup to ride in Paris. Smooth, grippy, predictive… and fast !


I just put on the sector 9 wheels and went for a short 35 minutes ride downtown and would like to share with you my first raw impressions. 20°, sunny spring weather, many families playing in parks, people in bars, just chilling. As an update, this was posted yesterday and I got the opportunity to ride today, so I refined a bit my review.


What about the wheels ? the contact patch is smaller (38mm vs 56mm) on the sector 9 – just by this fact, you can immediately be sure that the ride will be different. How different ? No worries : still great fun !



Of course, theses wheels need a specific driver. Below, the two different driver mounts – on the left the Bustin/Sector 9; on the right, the Orangatang Kegel driver.


The wheel driver installed on the truck. Pretty neat. Seems to be made from strong nylon which is really impressive because of its durability. The right mount does not display any signs of wear … after many and many sessions !


The fit of the wheel on the driver is just perfect.


These wheels are ultra enjoyable, they feel a bit « gummy » but are so much aggressive (size + contact patch) and also a bit less « freeride » oriented (contact patch reduced). I am quite sure that they slide better than the Kegels at slow speed – if you push too much on your feet on a carve, you would be able to slide quite easily, which is extra cool whatever your long boarding skills are. I went for top speed on a clear bicycle way (while racing with a bike) and you notice a slight difference (check my speed test below) but this is normal as we are comparing 76mm vs 80mm and not changing the pulleys neither the belt. But this is really fun and more than enough speed to get the smile when riding. They feel a more gummy than my 76mm Flywheels ABEC11 (contact patch), a bit smoother – more comfortable because of this gummy feeling which is also a drawback if you plan to set this pack on a bigger board (i.e carbon street). You can carve hard, more easily.


What about ground clearance ? To be honest I was a bit concerned about that when I put them close to the Kegels, because you don’t want to go smaller than 76mm. You have around 1cm clearance which is enough for most (if not all) the surfaces/pavement/rough streets, although I noticed that the enclosure of the motor is getting more exposed to scratches. I had a few today even being extra careful. The vintage look is also really (really) nice and make your board stand out. I went downtown in « Le Marais », and I can tell you that people are really pleased to see such setup. The carbon street being a big part of this with its stealthy carbon look and amazingly silent ride.B


The wheels are available in two colors (green / yellow) at Evolve skateboards shop for 55 euros which is really cheap. Worth giving it a try, I can’t wait to ride again and will keep you posted if my feelings are confirmed as I was not able to ride aggressively because of my left wrist which is still on recovery. I had the opportunity to push a little bit the throttle and got around 24 mph (38 km/h) and you still feel safe.

Capture d’écran 2015-04-17 à 16.00.56

As a conclusion, I enjoy riding these wheels, feels great even if it seems that the gummy has tendency to slow/drag you down whereas the Kegels continue to push you at slow speeds (no throttle engaged), easy to slide but will fit better on a shorter deck than the Evolve Carbon Street. These would be totally perfect on a Bustin series or Bamboo deck. Kegels wheels are still IMHO the best set of wheels you will ever find for a Carbon Street deck.

Big thanks to William from Evolve Skateboards France who makes things happen and positively moving forward. I may get my hands on a Evolve x Bustin or Evolve Bamboo deck soon and will of course make a review !

As you all know, I am usually riding my DIY overpowered deck with a dual diagonal monster setup… and I have to say that the Evolve Carbon street is really a great board which performs flawlessly. You can’t go wrong.

Have fun !