Tutorial : How to properly init your APS ESC with a GT2B controller ?

I was doing it wrong for months. Sometimes lucky, sometimes not – at the end it worked, just didn’t know why. I hate these repetitive beep sound… so annoying when you want to power your board in the street.. sounds like a RC car initialization… but well… it is ! truth is that we are just riding on RC cars ! Well, enough said. I was told the proper way to init your Alien Power ESC with a GT2B transmitter.. and the method is a total different story and get you started in no time. The controller/transmitter combo acts really fine when adequately initialized. I also filmed a friendly video tutorial for your pleasure.


  • Step 1 : Power on the transmitter
  • Step 2 : Power on your electronic long board using the power switch
  • Step 3 : As soon as you hear the first beep… immediately fully engage the throttle trigger (100%) of your GT2B transmitter.
  • Step 4 : … you are done. That was easy.. wasn’t it ?! if you don’t do it this way, it will go into validation mode and you will get all the annoying beep sounds sequence.

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