Tutorial : How to build your own enclosure to host your electronics !

I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect enclosure that will host my electronic DIY longboard electronics. I looked at almost every hard drive enclosure, boxes, tupperware stuff… and I found one which is perfectly fitting the requirements : sleek, low height and can be opened on demand without any tool, just by unplugging. I will share here the walkthrough to get your started and even more if you have an artist mind.


The box is a 3.5 hard drive enclosure from Enermax. Just remove the electronics with a screwdriver. Takes 10 seconds and you are ready to start.


Remove both covers and start dremeling the plastic bottom of the enclosure, make sure you don’t stay too much in place otherwise the plastic will melt, but that still works.

Once done, pick an exacto knife to remove the additional scrap around


You can now finally remove this plastic bottom, well done, you have your baseline box that you will screw later on to your deck.


Let’s move forward and dremel one of the covers (the other will be useless, keep it for the future but you won’t need it anymore as you won’t put a cover on the bottom). First you are going to draw with pencil on the cover the area you want to clear. Here I start with the ESC area. It’s really easy and straightforward.


You are almost done with your dremel. Don’t rush, safety first.


I have also installed a wattmeter so I needed an additional hole on the enclosure


You need also to dig the motor connectors through the side of the enclosure, easy – but take your time.


Dig also the hole for the power switch.


you can try to install the box on your brand new deck, beautiful isn’t it ?!


Install the remaining electronics directly in the box and make it a perfect fit. Use hot glue to make the wattmeter fit in place. Use velcro tape for the other components.


Put back the cover on the enclosure and admire your work.. sleek right ?


Well some of you would like to go further, a DIY board is a personal board, so it has to reflect your personality and have this extra finish… just buy some cheap molotow graffiti (top notch quality) stencils. These are really cheap, just go to a graffiti urban store…


Get your spirit inspired… and show the world your art skills. Your way. Take your time, because the result will be even better. Here is my result. I like this drawing a lot. Really different from what you are used to see on the electronic long boarding scene. Happy with the result.


Hope you enjoyed reading this short tutorial ! have fun.