Evolve Skateboards – All Terrain KIT – First ride in Paris

Sunny but cold day in Paris. We just had the opportunity to buy on classified ads an Evolve AT (all terrain) kit for a decent price (thank you Takoon for the friendly and fast shipping!). This kit allows you to transform your board from street mode (with Otang Keels to MBS) to AT mode. Don’t get me wrong. AT means All Terrain… but this is clearly not comparable to All Terrain that you can get with a DIY Trampa board. This just enhance your Evolve longboard and give you the possibility to roll on roads with some little gravels but forget about the real all terrain. The board is just not enough powerful for that. Additionally, using the AT kit… just reduce your miles coverage per 2.

BBThe ride is totally different, this is like mountainboarding but with elegance. The board is so slim that people around us were pretty amazed, they were wondering where could be the battery ! The board is not heavy at all, still well manoeuvrable and the ride is fun.



Of course, it’s more difficult if you want to push because the board is higher. My girlfriend didn’t had any wooble and the board (even the carbon) has a nice flex although she was only riding in slow mode (set on the transmitter). If you push the throttle with the wheel/motor in the air, you notice some vibration/small wobble due maybe to the wheel gum; but we are talking about mountain board wheels here, so I think this is a normal behavior, such wheels cannot have the same rolling behavior than street solid wheels. We have also installed a set of Neopixel LEDs that you can see in action on one of our riding session here.


By the way, I am a more a street rider, but I found this to be a really pleasant ride and would recommend people to get (or to try) this kit from Evolve. Worth it if you live in the city or with some pretty clean roads.. Just wanted to share with you a RAW video of our today’s session.

Don’t hesitate should you have any questions ! Thanks again to William from Evolve Skateboards France.