Build an electric longboard – Your way !


That being said, the big difference between a DoItYourself board and an « industrial » made board is that on the DIY you can pick the board that you like and assemble it yourself. Of course, it’s less plug and play but you can build your own dragster ! The most complex is that you have to think about all the design, get the cases, but here, you can still go for the « common » assemblies that you will find on the Internet. DIY is just a mindset. I am also sharing an Evolve Carbon street with my girlfriend and I have to admit that the Carbon street is a really fun and good board. I will post a detailed review about my thoughts early January 2015. So if you have the money, you can’t go wrong with the Evolve.

Here’s the global setup I went for:

This setup provides huge torque which is great if you are looking to climb hills. On flat areas, the pull is consistent on both trucks which is also a great difference vs one motor setups.

The range is 25 miles on a 7S setup with throttle management.

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